Our Story

Lutume - Share the loveHow did this family business come about? We have collected many varieties of cacti and succulents all of our lives and enjoy making unique pots for them. Our purpose is to give each plant a nice home that fits its character. All our pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Our tagline “Share the Love” reflects our desire to offer our ceramics at local events and share the joy of meeting the people who become our customers. Lutume pots, made by our family of three, are not available in local boutiques or retail stores. Our figurines and masks are works of artistry by Van Tam, each inspired by a humorous impression or a fleeting memory that has captured her heart. They are offered through our online store.

All Lutume pots are handmade by our family: Van Tam, son Mark, and daughter-in-law Nancy. After careers in dentistry in Viet Nam and the fashion industry in Los Angeles, pottery became Van Tam’s retirement career, a labor of love. Nancy learned from her to make ceramic works of functional beauty, shaped by hand to create forms inspired by the natural world. The two of them have made all of our pots. Mark’s role is administrative work, as he continues learning the art.

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